I've been running our website for a while, I field all of the e-mail from our adoring fans (and hate mail and spam too) so I thought it would be nice to give a little shout-out to the other guys in the band this month. I am listing contact information for each guy as well in case you'd like to drop them a line. Here we go.

Aaron Freeman (Gene Ween) Lead Vocals, Guitar

 My "brother" Aaron was born on St. Patrick's Day, 1970. While his last name clearly shows his Jewish half, he also has some Italian in him as well. As we all know tho, the Jew Cell is the dominant one, and if you have have any Jew in you, you are a Jew. An interesting fact about Aaron that you may not know is that he likes to put mustard on his hamburgers, which is pretty cool---he's got me doing it from time to time and it's very tasty that way. Aaron and I met each other in 8th grade in New Hope High School after both of our families moved up to this area from the suburbs. This year is the 17th year that we have been making music together as WEEN---that's really pretty fucked up when you think about it. Aaron is married and has a 3 year old daughter named Anna. You can contact him at gener@chocodog.com

Claude Coleman (James Jonny Wilson)-Drums

I met Claude around 1987 or 1988 when he played drums for a band called "Skunk." Ween was recording with Andrew Weiss, and Andrew was working on Skunk's record at the same time. Those guys were from Maplewood, NJ and we ended up playing some shows together opening for the Rollins Band, and together by ourselves in the tri-state area. Skunk got signed to Twin-Tone Records and invited us to open for them at a party where the label people would be in attendance. As it turns out, Twin-Tone signed us as well, and we became like brothers with the Skunk guys. Even back then Claude was the best drummer I had ever seen in my whole life, and I knew that I had to be in a band with him someday---this came pretty quickly when Skunk broke up in the early 90's and Claude moved down to our area. We started jamming regularly and the transition into Ween happened very organically. Claude has been our drummer ever since and hopefully it'll stay that way until we're old and unable to clean ourselves. I love this man, we constantly challenge each other onstage----my monitor mix is so loud with Claude's drums that my hearing has gone. Claude is also married and lives in Hopewell, New Jersey again after residing in London the last few years. A few very interesting facts about Claude---his mother Bernice bowled back to back 300 games in league play in New Jersey---a women's record that will stand for a very long time. Claude can be reached at: colemanjr@earthlink.net

Dave Dreiwitz-Bass Guitar

We call Dave "Double-Dip", I don't really remember how this started--I think it was just because of his initials. Claude and Dave had known each other from the days when they were both living in New Brunswick, but Aaron and I met Dave 11 years ago when we played a show with a bunch of friends under the name "The Green Lipped Mussels", which was basically like a white version of  Kool and the Gang, which also included our friends Chris Harford and Greg Digesu. At the time, Dave was playing in the band "Tiny  Lights" (also from Jersey) and I dug their stuff but hadn't yet made the connection with Dave. We all shared an obsession with the Beatles, and Dave was a really deep pocket Bassist who again, I knew had to end up in Ween someday.
  This came in late '96 after the "12 Golden Country Greats" tour was finished and we were trying to put a new band together for "The Mollusk." Dave has his own band called "Instant Death" which is a duo of just Dave on bass and Scott Byrne on drums. They have a new record finished that totally kicks ass. Dave is one of the few guys I know that never seems to be in a bad mood--if you can somehow manage to piss him off, then you must be a total dick. Dave and I share the left side the stage, which may not seem like a big deal to you, but it was a pretty big step for me. He is also a jew. An interesting fact about Dave: both of his parents are musicians that played with Woody Allen's band for years. Dave is the one single member of our band and can be reached by the ladies at

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